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Wednesday, 28 March 2012

School Dinners

The Adult School had a dinner that everyone was invited to.

There are lots of activities available, but as many of them are held in Valencian, I don't bother, or, if they are trips, I tend to shy away too. However, this was a 2pm lunch, to be held in the school courtyard. I have been to a couple of these before, so put my name forward (after checking tht a couple of Brits were going too!).

The following week, everyone was chipping in their money for the meal. 5 euros. No problem. Then, a few days later, I discovered that the proper price was 3.50. Apparently, in our class, everyone chipped in a little more, and some of the girls made extra cakes to share.

The meal is very well organised. It is a 'casoletta' and the best cooks in the school prepare a local savoury baked rice dish (arroz al horno) which is distributed school meal style. This year, we were asked to bring our own plastic plates and forks, to save money! There were nuts and olives on the tables as usual, as well as wine, beer, water and coke.

This year, it was rather cold, so the meal was held indoors. I chickened out of sitting with the locals, and sat with the british contingent. Thankfully, this was next to my class, as I was given extra dishes of everything to try, which was wonderful. Cakes of all types, as well as extra rice (which of course, was much tastier than the general one!).

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