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Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Fallas Supper

On the night of the Fallas, we were invited to have supper with some spanish friends. Well, we were invited to something anyway, due at 7:30. We weren't really sure why or what, but we turned up, gifts in hand!

When we got there, the wife was in her pyjamas and dressing gown, perfectly happy. The rest of the family were there too, and everyone was relaxed and happy, as we all sat down at the table.

Out came... a huge saucepan of hot chocolate and a massive tray full of home made pumpkin doughnuts (buñuelos). Ah. Apparently, this is the traditional dish on fallas night, so, even though we weren't out and about, that was the thing to eat. A bit like having toffee apples on bonfire night. They were wonderful, but how many can you eat?!

By 9 o'clock, we had eaten enough to last for the rest of the year, and we made our excuses, so that we could go to Xativa and actually watch the fallas.

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