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Saturday, 28 December 2013

Annual Visitor

This year, John came over for nearly a month. A lovely break for him. He spent some time here, and some down near Torrevieja with friends.

The windows had already been replaced and everywhere re-decorated so there wasn't much or him to do.

One job Ed decided on, was the removal of a tree near the back of the house. Although it was a source of much needed shadow in the summer, the roots were now causing a problem and it was time for the tree to go. That is one of the problems of having a big garden - you just get it right, and the plants continue to grow (or die) and you have to change things.

As usual, it doesn't take Ed long to chop down, limb and split a tree. The first one was done in no time at all. After some thought, I agreed that the second one should go down too. I went out for a few hours and on my return, the second one was down, and Ed was covered in bandages.

Whilst up the tree, to remove a branch, he caught his arm with the chainsaw. Thankfully, the cut was fairly shallow, so he carried on. Then, whilst limbing the tree on the ground, he stumbled and caught his leg with the chainsaw. This one was somewhat worse. I got back and had another look at this cut, which was still pulsing blood. A quick trip to the kitchen and using up most of our dressings, and he was back chopping up the trees.

Thankfully, he heals very quickly and a trip to the hospital was not required.

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