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Thursday, 26 December 2013

Celle Christmas Market

Poor Jess had her leg in a plastic support and a pair of crutches, but she and Tim managed to take me to the Christmas market in Celle.

It was very pretty. Not too large, so were were able to get about ok, without too much difficulty, but it was still certainly busy. What a lovely town. I'm already looking forward to going there again. It reminded me a bit of Chester, with the old buildings, but it was definitely European, even if it is a similar age.

The market was lovely. Very pretty Christmas stalls and lots of things to look at and admire. Some were terribly over-priced, but others were quite acceptable. We had bratwurst and gluehwein at one of the stalls, and were good enough to take our glasses back. The 1 euro deposit wasn't much, but the glasses weren't special enough to forgo the fee!

(I managed to stand on Jess's poorly foot. Oh, she did cry out. One of the stall-holders saw my horrified face as it happened - I'm not sure if he felt worse for me or her!!)

As well as walking around the market, we had a little look at the town. Tim had parked in a good spot, so Jess didn't have to limp too far.

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