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Thursday, 26 December 2013

Bergen, Germany

Had a lovely trip to Bergen in December, to see Tim and Jess.

We were lucky to see a lovely layer of snow, without there being enough to cause any disruption. We went swimming on the Friday, which meant wet bottoms to our jeans, but that was the worst of the problems!

The pool in the town was lovely. A 25m pool, with separate diving pool and an annexed paddling pool. This was particularly lovely, as it was glazed on 3 sides, so we could sit in the warm and watch the snow fall. At one point, an inflatable was installed, and, in order to accommodate it, they raised the floor of the pool to just 90cms or so. Very clever.

I refused to jump off the tall diving platform, but I was brave enough to dive off the spring-board! Not the most elegant of dives, but fun non-the-less!

Their flat is lovely. Although it is very close to the railway lines, the trains only run a few times a day, to the goods yard. Central heating and double glazing meant I slept wonderfully well! Next time I need a relaxing break, I know where to go!

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