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Saturday, 28 December 2013

Zoo Time

Second visit to the safari this year!

John hadn't been, so we took him. It was a lovely day out - a mixture of his and my birthday! We got there nice and early, so we could follow the guide around and feed the animals.

When we had done one tour, we went to get some lunch, but decided to pop into the 'petting zoo' first. What a good move. One of the keepers was walking a baby tiger. We were thrilled, as we watched this wobbly cub playing at our feet. After a while, some other people came in and the keeper fetched the two other cubs, so there were 3 of them playing around. It was an absolute delight. The only bad thing, was that we weren't allowed to pick them up and cuddle them! They spend each evening with their mother, so they mustn't smell of other people.
Once the keeper indicated that he was taking them back, I asked about the snake. To my delight, he went and fetched two, for John and I to hold. I was a bit disappointed, as I thought he would bring the big ones, but instead, he bought two small ones. They were very pretty though. Needless to say, I am totally over my fear of snakes now.

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