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Friday, 27 December 2013

Windows 2013

No, I haven't upgraded the latest software on my laptop.

This year, we have replaced the 3 bedroom windows.

Whilst I agree with John, that the wooden, shuttered windows were full of character, and in keeping with the house, the reality was a little different. Opening and closing them was not a simple task, as they had warped over the years. The windows no longer sat in the frames properly, meaning that they were cold and draughty in the winter. Even when sealed with draught excluder, the glass itself was so thin, it was cold just to be near them.

This summer, we installed double-glazed units. Naturally, nothing is straight-forward. As the original windows were quite low, I decided that the new ones had to be taller. Plus, as they were now fitted with roller shutters, that was imperative. Oh dear. It turned out that the lintels over the existing windows made this into a much more difficult job.

What can I say... I know a man who can, and, having got his head around the fixtures and fittings, the first window was duly replaced. For the other two, to make the job easier, he got en extra pair of hands in, and everything was done and dusted in no time. (Dusted. ha. What a mess everywhere!!)

It's total bliss now. Easy to open windows. Tilt on one side. (And easy to clean, as only 2 panes now instead of 6)

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