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Thursday, 30 June 2011

I Don't Speak Dog

One night, Max and Paddy woke us up barking. Not normally a problem, they then go quiet, and we go back to sleep.

This night however, Max then started jumping and scratching at the back door. This is a noisy trick he is very good at. We tried to ignore him, but to no avail. He then started scratching at the front door. It was now 4am, and he had been scratching on and off for a while. After 1/2 hour or so, I got up, and shouted at him to be quiet. There were no other sounds around, so I knew there wasn't a burglar in the garden. Max carried on being a nuisance.

After another 15 minutes, Ed got up, and let Max in through the front door. He positively bounded around the livingroom like a 12 month old puppy, then waited at the back door to be let out. What?!! I opened the door, and he shot out, tail wagging frantically. I closed the back door. Had a drink, and went back to bed. Daft dog.

Next morning, we found Max nursing a dead rabbit. Evidently that was what he had been trying to tell us in the night. 'Look what I've got'.

Next time, I hope he just (puts it in a paella and) eats it himself!

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