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Thursday, 30 June 2011

Throw Another Hippo Steak on the BBQ

We were invited to a BBQ in the mountains by some friends of ours who have spent a lot of time in Africa. (I think the chap is Africaans, but I'm not sure.)

I took a cheesecake and a cherry cake, as we had all been told not to bring anything except drinks. In the end, Sally was thrilled with the cakes, as one of her puddings had gone wrong (and I got to eat cherry cake, which I don't make very often as Ed doesn't like cherries!).

The barbecue was done in the African style. Three barbecues were lit, and then everyone goes and cooks their own food. A brilliant concept all round. Everyone gathers together around the fires chatting (rather than one person standing alone) and the food is cooked to each person's specifcation. In reality, we all cooked the food, then put it together in dishes, before sharing it all out on the tables. There was a huge selection of salads, as well as a few typical African dishes. Although Chris claimed there were some African steaks on the bbq's, I didn't think so, although I must admit that the special recipe sausage was rather tasty.

The strangest part of the night, was the weather. One couple got a call from their daughter, saying it was thundering and lightening, with very heavy rain. They lived only 3 kms from where we were. Sure enough, a litle later, and we were all running into the house with food and furniure! We watched the storm from the terrace, and then went back outside to continue, as the storm had passed over within 1/2 hour.

A lovely evening, with african music in the background, and good company.

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