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Thursday, 30 June 2011

Sixty Years Young

What to do? How to celebrate? Ed has never been one for big birthday celebrations. A nice dinner out makes him happy, but I wanted to do more this year.

As no-one had planned to come over for his birthday, I thought he would like a day at the safari park, as he loves animals so much.

We actually went the day before, as the forecast looked a bit poor for his birthday. As we knew the score this time, we went a about 1pm, then had a quick drive around. we then had a lovely menu-del-dia in the restuarant. I ordered chicken noodle soup, and Ed ordered Safari stew for the firs course. When it arrived, I saw a huge bowl of soup, with a ladle. I thought it was soup for both of us by mistake, then Ed got his stew, in a similar sized bowl! There was enough for 2 in each bowl. The soup was delicious. Mum, I'm sorry, but it was better than any of your soups! I had to ask, and yes, the soup was made there. The main course was nice too, but the tinned pineapple I had for desert was a bit of a let down! (sort of - I could hardly eat it anyway.)

We then made certain that we were first in line for the 3 pm re-opening, so the we could follow the guide and feed the animals. It was perfect. He showed me how to feed the giraffe (rub the bread on its lips, then it sticks its tongue out) while I was being nudged by the softest thing I have ever felt. It turned out to be a llama, after some bread.

We then went on to the ostriches and emus. I let them peck my fingers as I fed them, and the guide told us all about them. Then, other people arrived and watched. The men were to scared to feed the birds, which I thought was very funny. They may not have teeth, but they can still peck pretty hard.

Next, we moved on to the ponies and donkeys and zebras. As the guide was telling us all about them, I realised that I was the ony one thast understood him. I then found myself translating for everyone there, including a Danish group, which had one young woman who could speak English. Every time we stopped, she stood next to me, and then translated my translations for her friends! Other people soon realised that it was ok to ask questions, and the guide and I did a great double act. At the end, he said I had been very good and gave me a sweetie.

We had a lovely day, including the visit to the small sanctury around the back. I stopped off on the way, they couldn't find Ed. Finally, I spotted him, and he asked if I had seen the snakes. No. I had gone a different way around. We went back and there were two white pythons on the loose. Perfectly calmly, I sat next to one, and patted it, while Ed took some photos, then, I went up close and personal with the other. Just 12 months ago, I would never have done that, but now, with all of the strange creatures we encounter, I didn't bat an eye. Maybe next time there is a snake in the garden, I will just pick it up, and put it out...

We had a coffee in the restaurant before we left, and as we sat there, a monkey strolled in. It jumped on the counter, and selected a packet of crisps. The man behind the counter heards the Danish girls cry out, and realised what was happening. He souted at it, but it just grabbed the crisps off the stand, and strolled off. It then sat outside, and ate them very nicely, one at a time.

The next evening, we had a lovely meal at our local restaurant. We were the only people in there all night. Vicente was kind enought to give Ed a bottle of cava for his birthday, which was very nice of him.

Did he ever think he'd get to 60? Apparently he didn't think he'd get to 20! x

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