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Thursday, 30 June 2011

Splish Splash

The public pool opened on 20th June. The outdoor one, that is. Trying to find out when the new indoor one opens is impossible (although September seems to be promising... and it does have water in it now).

Several times, I have had the pool entirely to myself, which is heaven, and mostly it has been just Tracy and I.

We did have to laugh last week. I could hear lots of chattering, but didn't know where it was comming from. Then as it got louder, about 150 children appeared around the corner, with lots of teachers. Oh dear - final day out! They managed to strip off in about 30 seconds flat. The teachers all apologised, as hoards of children jumped in everywhere. Thankfully, we had done 28 of our normal 32 lengths, so it wasn't too bad. And yes, we did do the extra 4 next time!

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