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Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Festes - Musical Legends

On the Sunday, there were various church services and parades around the town. Also, there was a 'Mascleta' (loud firework display) in the smaller park.

In the evening, there was to be yet another event in the big park. This time a 'Spectacular' entitled Musical Legends. They had already had some very good bands on, so the general consensus, was that this was likely to be a series of tributes to the likes of The Stones, Bruce Springstein and some Spanish legends. As usual, it was a midnight start.

We selected some seats, and then she show began. Ah. Two people dressed as children's characters singing something very strange, backed by a bunch of cheerleaders. Oh dear. However, we endured the first song, then the characters went off-stage, leaving the dancers singing. They were actually very good, and then we realised that this was in fact a tribute to 'High School Musical'. Enlightenment dawned, Musical Legends was actually 'Musicals'.

They did some excellent performances, covering Aladdin, Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, amongst others. The biggest problem, was that this was a show for children, and most of them were now asleep in their mother's arms. Had it started at 8pm or so, it would have been perfect.

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