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Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Festes - Storming of the Castle

My favourite event of the year. This actually takes place twice in the day. At lunchtime, the Moors have a big battle and take over the castle and then 500 years later (at about 6pm) the Christians re-capture it.

We missed the lunchtime one, as we were busy, but were there for the evening. The Christian entered the square on his horse and challenged the Moors in the castle. They spoke to each other, getting more and more agitated, until finally, it was time for battle. The crowd cheered and clapped and the atmousphere was amazing. It would have been even better, if I had understood everything that was going on.

This time, I stood just to the side of the square for the battle, but even so, I was literally shaken by shockwaves as the blunderbusses went off.

This time, we strolled the streets afterwards ans watched everyone having a good time. It was as though they had just re-captured the castle for real! Everyone was celebrating the fiestas and cheering and partying in the street. The atmosphere was really wonderful.

I like it here!

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