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Monday, 14 September 2009

Happy Anniversary

Ed decided that we would celebrate our anniversary at a small restaurant in the mountains (if he could find it).

We took the N340 to Xativa. This goes past the side of the reservoir, then winds through the mountains. There are concrete barriers at the side of the road, and it is very worrying, if a lorry comes the other way. Ed didn't really know where the turn off was, just that it was on the right hand side! I drove quite slowly, but as we came to the first break in the concrete wall, Ed realised that this was the correct turn. There were no notices for a restaurant, nor any indication of anything except some houses. (For other potential visitors, the turn was at km marker 838) We turned off the road, and down a narrow road, which seemed to lead straight into a garden. Then I noticed that there were chairs and tables around.

We parked up and I asked the 2 staff outside if the restaurant was actually open. Yes indeed, and we could sit wherever we liked! We chose a pleasant balcony spot, overlooking the valley to the west, where the sun had just set. The setting was lovely, the service was excellent, the food wonderful, and the bill acceptable! We can heartily recommend it to anyone that can find it!

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