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Monday, 21 September 2009

Hablo Espanol

Well at least sometimes my little Spanish goes a long way.

The thermostat for my cooker had gone faulty, leaving me with no grill (well, unless you wanted to wait 20 minutes for cheese on toast). Ed took the offending part off, and we trecked around for a replacement. First stop, a white goods shop in l'Olleria. Oh no, not available anywhere in l'Olleria, we need to go to Xativa. The nice man named the shop, and said it was on the industrial estate near the car showrooms. Easy!

Off we went to Xativa. Hmm. No shop with that name visible, but we found an electrical shop. This must be it! The most unhelpful chap I have met said no, try a plumber on the way into Xativa. (He thought it was a heating element and didn't give me the chance to explain.)

Off to a third shop, (white goods again) where they have always been very helpful. Sure enough, no, they didn't have them, but the lovely man explained where we needed to go. He asked if we knew Xativa well, and even drew us a little map. We trecked off again, and sure enough, found a wonderful shop with everything you might need, to repair cookers, washing machines etc. Better still, it was almost 1/2 the price of the part I had found on the internet!

"Que bien. Muchas gracias" "A ti"
Wonderful. Thank you very much. And the same to you.

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