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Monday, 14 September 2009


A little knowledge is a dangerous thing.

Indeed. My knowledge of Spanish is still little, and my ability to speak it, even less, but somehow we manage to communicate very well - so I thought.

Recently, we had some business dealings with a Spanish man from the village and we had muddled along pretty well, considering I was spending a lot of money on his behalf! One morning, much to my annoyance, he turned up at 9:45. This was when I was still going to the pool every day, and I knew that my friend would be waiting for me. He wanted me to ring the UK again but had forgotten that there was an 1 hour time difference. I explained that I was going to swim my 32 lengths and then I would call, as there would be no answer now.

We had a further conversation, and, after Ed had put on a T-shirt, we would all go to the pool. As there is a bar there, I thought this would be perfect. I could swim, and they could have coffee and a bocadillo (baguette). We jumped into his car, and drove towards town. Then, as we passed his friend's house, his friend said "this is my house" - ah, we knew it was near us, but didn't know which one. Much to my suprise, we turned into his drive. Why? Perhaps he wanted to show us the house? I presumed that we would turn around and drive back out. No. The car stopped, and both Spainish men got out. What is happening? I thought we were going to the pool. I looked at Ed, and got we out too. Then he said "this is my pool, would you like to get changed?" Oh dear. I had misunderstood. Instead of going to the public pool, we went to his (10 meter) pool. Did he really expect me to swim 800 meters, or just 32 lengths? How funny. I tried very hard to swim without touching the sides, but it just wasn't the same!

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