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Sunday, 28 August 2011

Comedy Parade


What a time to start a parade. Midnight! We bimbled in to town at about 10ish and had a drink or 2 in one of the bars, then strolled up the high street in search of anyone we knew. As usal, there were an assortment of dining and patio chairs lining the high street, for those ready to watch the parade.

Near the top of the High Street, we encountered Victoria (whose husband Paco is one of our biker friends) and her family. We chatted for a while, and then we stood behind them as the parade started.

As usual, there was a huge amount of political 'party bashing' with notices on the floats which would cause terrible offence in the UK!

There was a brilliant range of themes again, causing laughter all the way down the streets. First of all, was a group referring to the new swimming pool. I found this one particularly funny, as Tracy and I have the open pool to ourselves every day. In this case, there were about 30 people - more than I've ever seen in the pool!

There were people dressed as Glass Blowers / Ghosts (bemoaning the loss of l'Olleria's famous glass industry); a lorry carrying a tableful of councillors at a meeting (the lorry stopped sharpish in front of us, and two of them nearly fell off their chairs!); Adults dressed as children, playing kiddie games (with all of the traffic now, it is impossible to play in the streets any more); A group of people dressed in black, carrying flaming torches (suppling illumination to the council) [I did laugh, when one of them accidentally set fire to the cloak of the one in front of him]; a bunch of very irreverend nuns, along with the Pope (who visited Spain just a few days earlier) [one of the nuns had a cushion up her habit - but the Pope's bodyguards were so good, that someone thought they were real!]; there was a huge troupe of hippies (I don't know where they got their clothes from, but they were brilliant) and, finally, some bullfighters and a wooden bull on a set of wheels.

I know I've missed a few out, but they were all very good. The parade took about one-and-a-half hours to pass us. Thankfully, after a while, we managed to get a chair too!

Each troupe had it's own band, and they were all excellent. Ed did spot that one girl was in more than one band, scurrying back to join a later one! (I wonder if she got paid twice too.)

I even spotted my students in amongst the parade, but they were all too busy enjoying themselves to see me - ah well, I'll tease them later!

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