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Sunday, 21 August 2011

No Matinal

We happened to bump into Julian when out shopping yesterday, and we arranged to go out, even though there wasn't a decent matinal on this week. In the end, there were 4 horses of the apocolypse, but 5 of us, as Emy came too.

We headed out towards Alcoi and then towards the coast. It was one of those 'Kodak Moments'. As we crested the hills into the Costa Brava, the mountains in the distance were stunning. The mist was lifting and lay in layers half way up the mountains. The bottoms were clear, as were the tops, but beautiful horizontal layers wrapped theyselves around the mountains like chiffon. Fanciful? True, but also very lovely to see. Sadly for Mr Kodak, I didn't have the camera with me today. Fail.

We thought we were going towards the Mariola mountains, but we actually ended up going past Guadalest, and having breakfast in the restaurant next to the Motorcycle Museum. The restaurant was really nice, and the food was a normal hearty bocadillo, with an assortment of pickles and olives. Water, coke and coffee were also consumed in large amounts, and the bill came to €5 each. Tourist trap or not, they weren't taking advantage of anyone.

We bimbled across to the museum, which, to my surprise was open (on a Sunday). Closing day happens to be Saturdays. For just €3 could could spend a long as you liked inside. It was just one large room, with a collection of well restored bikes and cars. There were a few that I had seen before, but Ed was much more familiar with them than I was. I did spot a few things worthy of comment, but we certainly had a good time looking around. However - boys will be boys - everywhere, there were signs saying 'Do Not Touch', but the 3 of them were practically climbing on the bikes showing each other how things work and explaining everyting. I thought they would get told off, but they chatted with the museum keeper too, and I guess he understood their enthusiasm, rather than any likelihood of them causing any damage. Sadly, no photos, as I didn't have my camera.

Outside, there was a stall selling local produce. Honey, different fruit jams, wines etc, as well as the usual tacky souveniers. There were gourds hanging outside too and Ed asked me what they were. I wasn't really sure, but Julian came to our aid. They were actually vegetables (courgette / marrow etc) which are hung up until the flesh inside dries up, leaving the just seeds inside. They were very light, and as you shook them, you could hear the seeds rattling. They are used simply for rustic decoration. At €25 for a large one, I think I might grow my own!

We came back home the windy way, rather along the main road, as it was actually quicker than being held up in the coastal traffic. With the weather being as hot as it is right now - staying out after 2pm is not a good idea.

I don't think we'll be out on the bikes for a while now, as the l'Olleria fiestas start this week. Juilian's daughter is a Festera this year... so watch this space.

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