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Monday, 15 August 2011

Palmera Matinal

Brave souls that we are, we went to a matinal on our own! Actually, I did anticipate meeting an English friend there, but it wan't essential!

This was near to Gandia, in a tiny village. Looking at the map in advance did no good at all, as the park wasn't named on Google. Thankfully, the organisers of this event didn't want anyone to miss it, and there were bright green 'MOTO' arrows at every junction from our side of Gandia. As we got into the village, there was a chappie in the road, wearing a flourescent jacket directing all the bikers into a side street. I don't know what would have happened, had you not wanted to go (LOL).

We parked up, then realised the we were opposite the stunt display area. Hmmm. Hope he doesn't fall off, and skittle our bikes. We followed the crowd, and found the park. A lovely grassy area, with lots of trees. As it was so hot, there were even mesh canopies hanging from the trees, to keep the tables and chairs in the shade.

We paid our pennies (cents) and got our T-shirt, bocadillo and drinks. For this one, there was even ice-cream for later. It was another well organised venue. There were even things for the children, and we were entertained by an aerobic class on the stage with 5 people on mini trampolines, as well as the stunt show.

We had a nice day bimbling around the village and chatting in the park, but it was too hot to go on the rideout. The weather is wonderful, but it's not compatible with protective clothing, even if we do have special 'air flow' jackets, with mesh panels in.

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