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Monday, 15 August 2011

Night in Xativa

This weekend is the big August Fayre in Xativa.

This is a bit like the County Show in Stafford, except that it caters for everyone and it's in the centre of town!

Along the main avenue are loads of stalls and a funfair, but throughout the rest of the town, there are different events in diferent places.

We were invited out for a meal by a friend, who has an appartment on the top floor of some flats, overlooking the castle. We had a lovely meal on her terrace, before strolling down the avenue.

What a treat. There we were, in a beautiful town, having everything explained to us. It was like having our own tourist guide. Although we already knew a lot, she told us lots of little things that we didn't know. For example, there are always stalls selling walking sticks - apparently it is traditional for a man to buy himself a new one each year, and, at the same time, buy his wife a new fan, to show how much he still loves her. (I laughed and said that her mum must have loads... having forgotten that she was divorced - oops!)

I mentioned a particular fountain that I had seen pictures of, but hadn't found. She took us to one, but it wasn't the one I wanted, then she took us to another, which was the right one. I had been passed it countless times, but had been looking into a park on the other side of the street thinking it was in there, and had missed it every time!

We strolled back through the old town, which was a delight to her, as she hadn't done so herself for a long time. Although it was about 1 am, there were loads of people still around, with the fayre being on, and it being so warm. Everyone was happy and relaxed. What a contrast to any English city late at night.

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