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Sunday, 28 August 2011

Grupo Hits

After the Comedy Parade, we bimbled back to the bar for another drink, encountering lots of Spanish friends on the way. I really must start wearing my glasses more, as I seem to miss them, but thankfully Ed doesn't!

We happened to met an English couple we knew, as well as loads more Spanish people as we sat outside the bar. (With the new non-smoking laws now, Ed has to sit outside - not a problem in the summer!) After a while, we strolled to the park, to watch and listen to the live band. We were a little bit worried, as everyone seemed to be walking in the opposite direction. As we got there, there was just a rubbish DJ on. Not very good. We sat down in the park and had another drink (it is fiesta week) and after a while, heard the band start up again.

They turned out to be some kind of 80's tribute band, playing loads of U2, music from films and a bunch of other stuff. They were pretty good and it was fun watching them. The lead guitarist was (possibly) my age, but he certainly knew how to play. (I'm not convinced the lead singer was much younger either!) After a while, I suggested to Ed that we go, but he was genuinely enjoying himself. Then, the singer said this would be their last song... it was nearly 5:30am! No wonder I was tired.

Having been on coke all night (the fizzy kind - not the powder), I drove home and the first thing we encountered was the policia local. I expected to get stopped, but he just smiled and let us pass by. Phew! They know who we are, and where we live, so they seem to be quite happy leaving us alone.

More fun every night this week, so I guess I'd better start taking some siestas!

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