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Monday, 15 August 2011

Tavernes Matinal

With one of our 'gang' working overseas at the moment, we weren't sure if we would still be going out on Sunday. A quick call on Saturday night, and we were all fixed up, meeting at the petrol station in the morning.

We went to one of the seaside towns, to a weekend event. There were tents everywhere in a compound and lots of bleary eyed people. Someone that worked with our friend said that it had been so hot during the night, in the tents, that hardly anyone had slept. There was even a garden sprinkler system set up in the roof of the outside bar, trying to keep everyone cool!

This meeting was literally next to the beach. Brilliant. However, I'm not so certain that the tourists in the hotels on the other side of the road were quite so happy. Presumably, the night before, there had been a noisy disco outside, which was now in full swing again. We had a nice walk around, and returned in time for the raffle. The girl shouting the numbers was very confident, making lots of jokes as she called out the numbers. I wish I spoke Valenciano! I understood the numbers, but not much else. To our delight, the chap we had chatted to earlier won a prize. It was only a T-shirt, but good for him.

It was a roasting hot day, about 38 degrees, so as soon as we could, we rode off home. This time, we took the main road, so that we could get home as quickly as possible! The ride there, through the mountains was lovely, but travelling at such slow speeds in such heat is no fun at all. I had my jacket and gloves on, but I did feel a little jealous when someone passed us wearing just a t-shirt.

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