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Sunday, 28 August 2011

Marta - La Festera

On Friday night, was the procolmation of the Queens, Captains and Ambassadors.

They all met up at the main square in town, and then paraded through town up to the park, where they were presented, one by one, and received their vestments.

One of our biker crew has a little girl, who was a festera this year. We met them at the square, which was really nice. He looked very proud, dressed up in his suit (only the 4th time he's ever worn it), with his hair nicely gelled! His wife is very pretty, and she too looked lovely, in a nice black shift dress and towering heels.

Little Marta was thrilled to be there and gave me a huge hug. I don't know how long it took to do her hair, but she looked as pretty as any bride would do. Beautiful curls and rosebuds everywhere. Come the parade, she also donned little white lace gloves. (This is not unlike a communion attire, but it is not a religious ceremony at all.)

We joined in the parade though town, slipping out for refreshments before going to the park to watch her being presented. We go there just in time, and she was lovely as she walked up the long aisle, with just a small sublte wave to mum and dad on the way! Afterwards, she had a fiddle with her dress before she could sit down properly, but then she was perfect, sitting very still throughout the rest of the presentations (while some of the other children were very fidgetty).

She will wear this dress again to a church mass and on the float in the main parade, but for other presentations, she will wear the local Valencian costume (more photos will obviously follow).

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