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Friday, 22 June 2012


Once again, Xativa hosted a Borja's Re-enactment in the centre of town. Thanks to a quick message from a spanish friend, we found out in time to see it all.

We parked near the bull-ring and strolled along the Avinguda towards the main square. Like last year, the square had been converted into a medieval town scene. Straw all over the floor, tents everywhere with assorted armies and workers plying their trades. Birds of prey, horses, bulls - all very entertaining.

We walked around into the old market place, which was an eclectic mixture of artesan stalls. The smells of the different cheeses from the stalls in the narrow streets made your mouth water. Sadly, the prices make your eyes water too, not in a good way! We gave them a miss.

I did see a small item I fancied, and just as I finished buying it, the man with the geese walked by. It made my day. I'd wondered where he was. I would go there just to see him. This time, he was talking to them as he walked through the busy narrow pathway. They were waddling along behing him very happily. Maybe he was saying, "if you don't keep up, you'll be spit-roast tomorrow".

We didn't eat there this time, but did have a drink in a cafe overlooking the activities. The atmosphere was wonderful. At least this year, the weather was dry and warm, so everyone was enjoying themselves without having soggy hems on tunics or jeans!

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