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Tuesday, 19 June 2012

It's a Small World After All

It is always sad when a plan doesn't come together.

My friend Tina got married at the end of May, but I wasn't able to go to her wedding. Alison had been invited to another family wedding on the same date, so instead, Tracey went in our place. And? Well, it's just that Tracey lives in Hong Kong!

As she was in europe, I arranged to meet her in Spain!

This isn't as mad as it sounds, as she used to have a property just south of Torrevieja and her parents still do.

I remembered how to get to the house, so drove down the new motorway, past Cuidad Quesada where John used to live, and through a couple of toll booths. Then I hit little England! Every second car seemed to have English plates on it, and of the remainder, many were other nationalities. My Spanish car seemed to be the odd one out!

As I arrived, Tracey's dad was just going out - apparently, to buy me a cake! When he got back, we all had coffe and cake on the terrace. Tracey was wearing a lovely neckless, which I was rather upset to see. She had turned 50 just shortly before, and Alison and I had chosen some jewellery for her. We found a lovely Swarovski necklace and matching earing. Guess what she was wearing? Oh dear. I've had to arrange for the receipt to go back to the UK and Tracey would take the gift back to her sister, so Alison can exchange them at some point. At least it shows that we chose something she liked!

After coffe and cake, Tracey and her daughter Christina and I went to the local beach. It was bliss. Not too hot, and a little overcast, making it fine for sitting in all day. There was a little beach bar, and some well kept toilets, so there was no need to leave the beach at all.

The sea had some really good waves rolling in, so we all played in the sea too. Christina was a delight, making us help with building sandcastles, but happy enough on her own, that we got to chat a lot too.

Later, after a lovely shower, we went to a restaurant in the countryside. As it happened, both Tracey and I ordered steak, which was the size of a fist! I'm guessing it was Argentinian, because it just melted in the mouth.

We did have one interruption at the table. There were some cats around, very interested in any titbits. One even walked along the wall next to my elbow, in the hope of something. Not impressed, I gave it a quick tap on the nose. The cat wasn't expecting this, and jumped into the air. However, as it came back down, it missed the wall, and promptly disappeared! Christina was horrified (so was I, but I wasn't going to tell her) and demanded to know what had happened to the cat. Thankfully, at that moment I saw it again, walking off in a huff! "It's fine, look." Evidently, that must have happened before, because a few minutes later it was back again, but not so close!

I was sad to leave her, but I had a long drive home.

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