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Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Red Tape

Having gutted the kitchen, we now had a lorry full of tiles, bricks and building rubble. Not a problem, take it to the eco-park (tip).

Off we went. We stopped by the little hut, to check which was the skip for building rubble. 'You can't dump that without a licence'. What? We've just gutted our kitchen - it's not a commercial job. 'You need a licence to do any work'. What? Even inside the house? 'Yes - the council is so broke, that all works now have to be authorised, so that the council can find out who is doing what, which contractors are being used, and whether or not they are declaring the income from the job.'

Oh dear. We had no idea. Thankfully, my face must have made that perfectly clear, so he let us dump it all 'just this time'. As it happened, there was very little left to do, so this was more or less everything.

Ed reversed the truck up to the right skip, and tipped the tipper up, dropping it all off in one easy go.

We thanked the little man very much and drove home. As we were almost back, Ed asked, 'did you take the shovel off?' Oh dear - buried under 3 tons of hardcore. Bye bye shovel.

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