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Tuesday, 19 June 2012

The Long Way Round

Travelling to Aberdovey, we went via Machynlleth, but for the return journey from Tywyn, we went via the lake at Tal-y-llyn, and (almost) via Dolgellau.

It was such a shame that the two Tims were in the other car, as I spent most of the time showing Jess where she had spent her summer holidays: Over there is the miniature railway line. If you go here, there is a lovely waterfall. Once a year, there is a race against the train to the top of the track. All wonderful trips we undertook many years ago, now for them to discover again themselves.

I often took this route home, as it is so pretty, and there are fewer towns to contend with.

We stopped at the edge of the lake to take some photos, and I told Tim about the area. He remembered things more than Jess, partly because he was older, but also because he undertook a canoe course there one year. He was paddling in a river, with a bunch of other lads, miles from anyone, when an old couple appeared on the river bank. Nanny and Grandad had trekked across some fields and found him!

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