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Tuesday, 19 June 2012

The Land of Valley and Song

Dad's wish was always to be scattered at sea when he died. In the beginning of May, we travelled to Aberdovery to fulfil his desire.

It was a long time since I had been there, and with the new motorway open from Wolverhampton, the route was a little different to my previous 'blast on the bike down the B-roads'. Soon though, I was back in familiar territory, and even though I hadn't been for such a long time, I didn't really need the sat-nav to tell me where to go.

The second car, containing John, Tim and Tim however, went the 'scenic' way, as none of them had any idea where they were going, and we'd lost them before even getting to Stafford!

Technology though, it a wonderful thing. Jess kept texting them, and we knew where they were. Most of the time, they were just a mile or so behind, but, once we got to Welshpool, that changed. It was quite apparent that they had now gone a different way. I knew where we would meet again, but driving through they valleys at high speed is not an option, so we just relaxed and enjoyed the trip. Mum pointed out several places, as did I, as we drove along. Jess didn't remember much, but she wanted us to point out where her boots had been left in a layby some 20 years earlier. (We knew where that was.)

Finally, a few miles from Aberdovey, I saw John's car behind us. Jess texted 'can you see us' and Tim replied, 'when we can pass the slow Jetta, we'll catch you'!! The carpark was almost empty, as the weather had been truly terrible the day before, but we had a lovely walk around before having hot chocolate in one of the hotels.

While we were there, Tevor and Enid found us, so we all warmed up, before our trip on the sea.

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