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Tuesday, 19 June 2012

What's Welsh for Geocaching?

Jess, Tim and Tim have the geocacing app on their phones and it was no great suprise to discover that there was a chache near the bandstand at Aberdovey.

Once we returned to land, Mum, Trevor and Enid went to Tywyn, while the rest of us had an ice cream and a climb up the hill. I think we spent longer choosing what flavour ice cream we wanted, than walking up the hill.

I really thought I would have to stop to catch my breath, but before I knew it, we were there.

Sutty had already spotted the cache, but it proved to be sneaky and difficult to get hold of. As this is such a popular place, the log was full, but we used the label off a stick of rock, and signed in!

John had only been here once before, when sailing the boat down from Scotland. Now that he had seen it, he plans to use it as a destination for a good ride-out, just as I used to.

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