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Friday, 22 June 2012

Couldn't Find It

Someone has placed a geocache on the far side of our valley, on the north side of Benicadell - the highest point of the valley.

Off we went today, to try and find it.

It wasn't too far away, but I set the sat-nav to get us as close as possible, up the right lane. Then 'Jane' told us to take a right turn, up an unpaved track. No, I said to Ed, this isn't the right way. Yes it was! We finally managed to turn around and go up the track.

Up, and up. And up. The track was quite good, although it was unpaved, and wound it's way around the back of the hill, before comming out into our valley again. The views from both sides were amazing. Finally, we encountered the lodge near the cache, and parked up. A short stroll and we were at GZ (ground zero).

And that was that. Zero. We searched for ages, but we couldn't find the cache. Although it was a small one, we knew what we were looking for, but it eluded us. I'm going to keep an eye on this one now. Either the person that placed it will update his information, or someone will find it. Then, I'll go again and have another look for it.

All was not lost though. We went the back way over the mountain, on to the motorcycle museum at Guadalest, and had a wonderful menu-del-dia in the restaurant next door.

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