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Sunday, 24 February 2013

Bike Run

Each year, there is an Antique Bike Run from the village, which does a tour around all of the villages in the area, stopping for breakfast en-route and returning near lunchtime.

Having 'new' bikes, we have never entered this, but this year we managed to get into town in time to see everyone arriving and setting off on the tour. To our surprise, there were bikes and cars of all ages and types. I'm sure we would have been made most welcome. It was 8 euros to enter, and everyone received a goody-bag. As we were in the car, we took the bags of two people we knew for safe keeping. Seriously - why would you give a person riding a bike a big box with a mug and plate in it, along with another box with a tacky glass vase? Not very bike friendly! I suspect they were left-overs from one of the factory closures.

Everyone set off in good time, with the police blocking the road to all other traffic, to ensure a safe get-away. The cavalcade took ages to go, as there were so many of them. I was most amused by the last vehicle. No, it wasn't a police escort... it was a breakdown truck - following them throughout the route, just-in-case!

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