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Sunday, 24 February 2013

l'Olleria Fair

This year, they moved the fair from it's normal location behind the main supermarket, to the wasteground beside the big park.

The normal stalls still filled up the main road through town as usual, but the top of the high street was closed off to traffic too, as the stall went up as far as the post office. This was quite odd, an it meant that all traffic going out of town now had to divert around the narrow residential streets at the back of the post office. Quite bizarre. Admittedly, heavy traffic tends to use the main CV60, but it still caused quite a bit of confusion.

We had a nice evening wandering around, meeting lots of people we knew. This is one of those nights, were everyone goes, to see and be seen! If you want to buy a handbag (copy) or a scarf, then there were plenty of stalls to chose from. However, if you wanted something nice, you would be hard pushed to find anything!

As we wondered around the fun-fair, I noticed how the poor fairground people had had to support the rides on the steeply sloped ground. There were stacks of sleepers under every attraction. The dodgems looked pretty dodgy to me, and I certainly didn't fancy a go on the aerial rides. Still, the candy floss stall looked safe enough, so I gave that a go!

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