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Sunday, 24 February 2013

Geocaching in Germany

While we were in Zeitz, we had the chance to do a geocache that I had researched. Andreas took us to the church we needed and parked up.

It was an old, ruined church, which had been damaged during the war and never been repaired. Over the intervening years, it had fallen into further disrepair and was now dangerous. The place was fenced off and no one was allowed in. So... I squeezed through the fence and walked through the grass to the church. Jess happily followed, and poor Andreas, not happy, followed too. There was no door, so we went inside. It was a lovely building, but well beyond any repair. No-one would be willing to spend the money needed. We soon found the spot where the cache was hidden, but Andreas was not happy to be there. Jess found the cache, which was magnetically attached to the inside ceiling of a broken safe. As soon as I had signed the log, Andreas wanted us out again!

Jess and I happily obliged, thrilled with our first German cache. Andreas was less happy. He would never have gone inside! He thought we were quite mad.

I had checked out 2 others nearby, but thought it better not to mention them. I'll save them for next time I am there.

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