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Sunday, 24 February 2013

This is Hallowe'en

Yes - I know I'm posting a load of stuff really late!

This year, in spite of constantly claiming that they had no money, the council managed to organise a lovely night of entertainment.

We walked into town and encountered lots of children dressed up, all 'trick-or-treating'. I don't think it was a Spanish tradition at all, but since everyone has heard of it, why not encompass it into the days activities? Some of the costumes were wonderful and the children were all very excited.

I freaked out a bit, when the Grim Reaper walked up to me and said "9am tomorrow morning". WHAT???? Was this my time to go? What on earth??? But then I realised that it was actually Julian (our friend) dressed up, and he was just confirming the time to meet up for our ride out the next morning.

The main parade of fireworks was due to start, but there was a car parked in the square, in the way. (When there is an event on, there are signs put up before hand, saying when the road is closed and why.) To everyone's amusement, the local police organised it's removal with a tow truck. The officer then stuck a note on the floor (where the car had been) saying that it had been towed. I don't think it would have occurred to me to look at the floor, if my car disappeared, but then, I tend to park in sensible places!

The fireworks were excellent - as long as you ignore any H&S issues. I don't know how Spain gets away with events like this. People had fireworks attached to themselves, or were swinging them around, as they sparkled, hissed and fizzed, whilst walking up and down the street, with onlookers standing on the pavements just feet away. I'm not complaining. If you are uncomfortable with the concept, you have the option of moving away, or not going.

After lots of parading up and down, the event was to move to the main square. We knew this, so we went the back way and got into a good position before they all arrived. There were loads of activities in the main square, culminating in an overhead display, which showered everyone nearby. All good fun.

We then went to a local bar for a drink and met some friends that had missed it all by a few minutes. They were very cross. They have children at school, but none of their children had mentioned it! Hopefully they will be able to see it next time.

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