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Sunday, 24 February 2013

Come Fly With Me

Everyone moans about Ryanair, but in November, I was privvy to insider experience, that showed the problem is not necessarily with the airline, but also with the passengers.

In Alicante, on leaving the terminal, a cabin-crew member passed down the aisle selling 'El Pais', the national newspaper. A man in my row commented "why on earth are they selling foreign papers?". Had I been quick enough, I would have bought one and read it in front of him. A few days later, leaving East Midlands for Berlin, the flight was so civilised and the passengers so well dressed, I thought I was on a BA flight!

Without any problem, I picked up a hire car (Zafira), and drove to Drossig. The motorway is literally next to the airport, so no problems about getting lost. I left Jessica to deal with the controls (putting them into English, showing me how to set the cruise control) and I just pointed the car!

Breakfast in the UK and dinner in Drossig. Perfect. We had a lovely meal in the restaurant next to the castle, which was guarded by a rather large dog.

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