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Sunday, 24 February 2013

Cocentaina Fayre

My favourite time of year.

This year, instead of us going in the car, in the late afternoon, we went on the bikes, along with the usual crowd, in the morning. As we were getting ready to leave, I managed to explain to Julian about his message the night before. (He had been dressed as the Grim Reaper, and told me "9am tomorrow morning".) When he realised what I meant, he found it very funny. He said, I should have told the Grim Reaper, "no, that's no good, I already have another appointment".

We got to Cocentaina quite early, but it was already very busy. We managed to squeeze the bikes onto a spot of pavement. I expected the police to move us on, but they weren't bothered. In fact, as we parked, I noticed a rubbish container of fire. I told Julian and he went and told a policeman that was controlling the traffic - as it happened, the fire engine was already on it's way and arrived a few minutes later.

We had a great time wondering around. Having been so many times before, it made a change to see it with some spanish people. They were just as much in awe of everything as we are each year. Although it is basically the same, there is so much to see, it is truly a full day out. We had breakfast in a small cafe, then walked around. I was most impressed that we manged to stay together.

In one of the back streets, I saw a balcony full of peppers drying out. It looked very pretty. It looked very interesting, when I noticed that there was also a branch of cannabis drying out alongside the peppers! You would have thought they would have taken that down, with tens of thousands of people visiting the town over the festival period.

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