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Sunday, 24 February 2013

Cuevas de Canelobre

There was a special geocaching 'Earth Day', where you were challenged to visit an 'earth cache'. This is not a normal hidden object, but rather a natural phenomenon which you needed to visit, and answer questions to show that you had really been there.

There are lots of these around the world, but few of them near us. We had already done one, and the next nearest was some way off. Still, we agreed on a day out, so set off for a lovely (hopefully) cave system. Having set off late, and misjudged the time it took to get there, we actually arrived 5 minutes after the final entry time. Thankfully, my spanish is now good enough to plead our case, and we were allowed to go in.

The guide had already entered the cave with the last group of tourists and was right down the bottom of the cave when we entered. Not wanting to be rude, we simply tip-toed around the cave ourselves, slowly catching up with the guided tour.

As we entered, the open space was spectacular. Looking up into the vaulted ceiling, I almost fell over backwards. Impressive enough as this was, I did it again several times! It was a wonderful sight. There was plenty to see at every turn.

The guide explained the history of the caves, from their formation, right through to their use during the Spanish Civil War. It was very interesting, and I understood most of it. For those that didn't, there were very informative posters on the way in and out of the cave, in several languages.

Sadly, it was prohibited to take photos inside the caves (buy a postcard instead) but it is certainly worth a visit.

As we left, we were practically chased off the premises, as the guides wanted to go home and had to lock the gates behind them! It was quite funny - not very often the Spanish rush to do anything.

As we were so near to the coast, we went to Vilajoyosa for our tea. This was a laugh. We managed to find somewhere to park, right by the sea front, but, as it was 'winter season' not many of the cafes were open. We finally found one and had a very mediocre meal. Won't bother going there again for a while!

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