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Thursday, 5 August 2010


There is a well known piece of road on the way to Alicante, where all of the bikers hang out - a bit like Matlock and the A6!

Ed and I went for a ride out recently and paid it a visit. I was quite wary, but, in reality, the bends were not as bad as I feared - although, as Ed pointed out, had I taken them faster, they would have been scarier! Very true. The roads themselves are generally very well maintained, it is just the nasty drops at the sides that frighten me to death.

We stopped at the cafe on the route, and met up with another English chap, who lived much nearer to Benidorm. While we were there, another group of brits popped in too. Obviously this was an international meeting place!

On the journey back, we saw the new roadway being dug out of the mountainside, which will link our valley to Alicante. When it is all done, it will be just 1 hour to the airport.

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