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Tuesday, 24 August 2010

The Glass Blower

I've been meaning to take a photo of this for a while, but either, I haven't had the camera, or the time was wrong, so, today, I made a special trip!

It may not look much, but this is a lovely piece of art work, about 20 feet high, on a new roundabout on the industrial estate. It is one of the main entrances to the estate, so it is seen by many people.

Many years ago, when there were some excavation works being carried out, a piece of pottery was found near l'Olleria, with a picture of a glass blower on it. This bowl actually dated back to medieval times, showing the long history our town has with glass (for which it is famous).

The new artwork is a depiction of the original, and includes a multi coloured glass globe being blown. I think it is really lovely that something so symbolic of the town's history was commissioned.

Post Script: A couple of cars passed, as I was crawling around the roundabout. One of them saw me, and the occupants commented on the fool lurking on the roundabout. The driver assumed I was taking a photo, then realised it was me... it was my next door neighbour!

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