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Thursday, 19 August 2010

Cova Sant Nicolas

One of the neighbours has seen the cave from a distance, but never been up there. This week, we took advantage of the cooler weather, and went for a long walk. The mounta range that we are located on, is called the Serra Grossa, but really, it is simply a long range of rolling hills. From a distance, they (almost) look like overgrown sand dunes. There is cetainly nothing very mountainous about them.

We parked in a clearing at the bootom, and them walked through the trees and undergrowth, until we reached the main path. We then followed it to the top of the hill, and started down the other side. Ed had done this before, with Tim and Lauren, but this time, he knew where to climb down the side of the hill, to find the cave. Bizzarely, the cave is marked with a sign post, but the signs have been removed (presumably, because it is a vertical drop to the cave, and very unsafe)!

Ed, Andy and 2 of the children quickly scrambled down, but as I looked, I realised tht the dogs could not posibly climb down a vertical drop of some 20 feet. They kept trying to reach Ed, which was rather worrying (Andy's 2 dogs wanted to get down too). Andy scouted around below the cave, and finally found a 'simpler' route that we could take, and finally, all of us, along with the 4 dogs got to the cave.

Some of them went quite far inside, as this time, we actually had a torch with us. There are rings inside, enabling the use of ropes, and there are a series of caves and tunnels to explore. Ed thinks it is actually only about 30 feet long or so, which makes sense, as the ridge it is on, is not too deep anyway. Certainly, within an hour or so, it would be possible to explore the whole thing.

I was glad to have walked up there, but, having seen it once, I don't know that I would go again!

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