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Saturday, 7 August 2010

Lotto Logic

Generally, Ed buys our Euromillions lottery ticket on a Wednesday or Thursday.

However, last week, he was in town on Tuesday, so called in to the lottery shop. Unfortunately, the machine wan't working, so no ticket, but, never mind. On Wednesday, he returned. Ticket machine still not working. On Thursday, he returned yet again - machine still not working! This time, however, the man at the counter took Ed's voucer off him, and asked for his name. He didn't want any money, but asked Ed to return the following day. Sure enogh, the next day, the man had a huge pile of tickets, which he had evidently processed elsewhere. He found Ed's ticket, and Ed handed over his cash.

This week, on Wednesday, Ed popped down to the lottery shop... machine not working again! This time, without any problems, they took his ticket again and asked him to return the next day. However, the shop was shut, so Ed couldn't pay for his ticket before the draw!

Saturday morning (today) Ed went to pay for the ticket, but there was some confusion. The man didn't want any money from Ed, but gave him some instead! We had won a (very) small amount on two rows, even thought we hadn't paid for the ticket! I guess, if we hadn't gone back, he would have kept all of the winnings, but it doesn't seem like a very profitable way to run a business to me! I wonder how many people know their numbers, and simply don't go back, if they haven't won.

Could you imagine doing that in the UK? I don't think so!

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