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Thursday, 19 August 2010

Xativa Fayre

15th August is the main date for the big fayre at Xativa. The Avenue is lined with tents selling all sorts of wares, and there are lots of other events taking place all around the town for several days before and after.

Ed and I went on Friday morning, but not everything was set up, so we went again on the Sunday afternoon. Mistake! We parked just out of the town centre, and I joked, that if it rained, I would borrow his T-shirt. We strolled around, and then I was sure I felt a drop or two on me. As the trees were so full of leaf, it was hard to be certain. But then, yes, it was definately raining. All of the locals stood under the overhangs of buildings, one or two people had umbrella's, but the rest of us just had to get wet!

It didn't rain too much, but the temperature was so warm, that the humidity instantly hit 100% and stayed there. It was like walking around in a jungle / tropical forest. Everyone was dripping, with both rain and perspiration! One lady, in front of me, looked as though she had been crying... her mascara had run down her cheeks, and her face was wet. Thankfully, I happened to have waterproof mascara on that day.

The stalls were full of the usual 'fayre' goodies; everything from hand carved walking sticks, through home made cheeses, to plastic toys from china. We only bought an ice-cream and a granizado (lemon slush puppy). As we drove home, the heavens opened again. Good job we didn't hang around for the fireworks!

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