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Sunday, 29 August 2010

Comedy Parade

Last night, was the town Cavalcade Humoristica. In true Spanish style, it didn't start until midnight! The filas (clubs) each had a celebratory diner before hand, so they were in true party spirits for the parade.

As last year, many of the floats had political themes, but there were some obvious funny ones too. One of them was in celebration of the inauguration of the enclosed, climatised swimming pool in town which is currently under construction. The 'pool' was followed by a large number of men, dressed in womens swimwear, doing 'sychonised swimming'. I thought it was very funny, as I have never seen so many people in the pool in real life (I often have it to myself, at 10 in the morning)!

There was a troupe taking the mickey out of the highways aouthority. One man set up a theodolite, another man measured a hole in the road, 5 men approved the measurements, then they called in a another team with a road roller, to fix the hole. It was very funny.

One troupe stopped to take a photo... the tractor towing their float waited for a few moments, as the girls all posed together, then moved off, unfortunately, the photographer standing on the back wasn't expecting it, and fell into the float, causing chaos!

The bands that accompany each troupe were very good (some better than others) and they all seemed to have a good time too.

Once the parade had finished at about 2 am, there was another band playing in the park. This was a rock group. Although I didn't know any of the tunes, they were obviously a popular group, as I saw many people singing along with the songs. We stayed for an hour or so, before going home.

Thankfully, the temperature had dropped by about 10 degrees in the last 24 hours, so it was much more pleasant.

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