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Sunday, 1 August 2010

Max Fun

This week, Ed decided to put a couple of feet of water in the pool, so the dogs could have a paddle in this heat.

As normal, Paddy just stood at the top in fear, as Max bounded up and down the steps, swimming, splashing and generally having fun. Every time mMax got to the top of the steps, he jumped on Paddy and ran around like a 4 month old puppy. Wonderful fun.

The next day, he didn't seem very well at all. It took little while to figure out what was wrong with him - he couldn't wag his tail.

Further investigation has revealed that he has strained the muscles around his lower back (playing so much) and now he needs to rest for a few days! I guess it's like doing a step class and a spinning class on the same day!

Poor thing - he couldn't even lay down without wimpering to start with, but that didn't stop him going back in again, later in the day.

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