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Saturday, 28 August 2010

l'Olleria en Festes

Yes, it's our fiesta time again. The last year has gone so quickly, it's shocking!

Last night, we had the presentation of the festival queens and princesses (Falleras) as well as the Captains and Ambassadors for the Moors and Christians. This is a very formal affair, with each of the girls (and her escorts) being introduced and then the queen from the previous year handing over her crown. Thereafter, there are lots of speaches, and then all of the people involved go to the park for a celebratory dinner. As usual, this was all supported by the good old Spanish firework display.

This year, the weather was unbearably hot all day (highest recorded temperature for 100 years in Valencia), and even though the event takes place very late, the breeze was still hot (not warm).

Afterwards, there were some bands playing in the centre of town. We only stayed for the first group, as they didn't even start until 2am. This was a group of 14 year olds, and they were really good.

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