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Sunday, 31 October 2010

All Hallows E'en

For the first time, this year l'Olleria have organised a Hallowe'en Parade. There were lots of children lining the streets, dressed as witches, devils and ghouls (many of the parents were dressed up too).

The beating of drums announced the imminent arrival of the participants. The usual band, then a huge dragon, surrounded by lots of people dressed in red (as devils). Once they had converged, they pulled black hoods over their heads and then organised themselves into a wonderful noisy, flashy parade.

The parade was led by a (fake) bull, and then people holding sticks aloft, with catherine wheels spinning out above their heads. The dragon had fireworks coming from it's mouth as it was wheeled down the street. The people with the fireworks skipped down the street, showering sparks over everyone and as their fireworks ran out, they returned and got some more. The sounds reverberated down the street, as they worked their way towards the church.

The whole thing was wonderful. Noisy, fun and vibrant. I'm certainly looking forward to a repeat next year.

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