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Tuesday, 12 October 2010

There were these two tree fellers...

In front of the house, rather too close, are two huge pine trees. They have caused us great concern for quite some time, but everyone kept telling us that there is a huge fine payable if you chop them down without permission - up to €2,000. Nearby, someone was threated with a denuncia when spotted by a passing Guadia Civil car.

Talking to one neighbour, he said it was ok to chop them down, as long as your neibours agreed - which he did (as he wanted to take lots of his down too). However, another neighbour said that we had to get permission.

After some soul searching, Ed went to the local council with a friend that speaks fluent spanish. They weren't interested at all, and told them to go to the police (in the same building now). They tried, but the police weren't interested either, and told them to contact the Forrestal. Next day, we heard that as long as the trees are in your own garden, and you have paid for them, then, since they are yours, you can do what you like with them!

No further time to waste... Ed has spent the last few days chopping down trees, logging them, and digging out roots. The front of the house looks totally different. Wonderful. Once the brash has been burnt (next week) we will really see the benefit. John has helped too, which is great, because some of the tree trunks were too wide for me to pick up! The poor little digger had to work hard too!

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