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Sunday, 17 October 2010


Today, we have been to another 'matinal' with some locals. This is a morning bike meeting.

Once again, for just 8€, we got a t-shirt, a gift (Ed got an umbrella - not much use on a bike!), drinks, breakfast cob and entry to the raffle. This is evidently the format for these, which is incredible successful.

After breakfast, as we left our table, I spotted a 50€ note on the floor. I quickly picked it up and showed it to Ed. It had fallen out of his pocket, as he bought a 1€ ONCE lottery ticket. Maybe it was a sign of good luck - I will check the ticket later!

Although the day was cold to start with, it soon warmed up. The free anis liqueur with breakfast warming our insides as well! This time, there was more luck for one of us; someone won a helmet in the raffle.

On the way back home, the leader of the group suddenly swerved off a roundabout into a small side road, and very quickly pulled off his glasses, helmet and bandana... 'una vespa' (a wasp) one of the others helped him pull his jacket off, but there was no sign of it now! It had walked across the top of his brow, just as he approached the roundabout. Every motorcyclists nightmare!

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