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Sunday, 31 October 2010

Cocentaina Matinal

This week, the bike matinal was held at Cocentaina, at the same time as the fair. We expected it to be the biggest one yet, but it was one of the smallest ones we have been to.

The usual €8 fee got us a good quality t-shirt, a magazine and a torch, all contained in a very useable rucksack. Excellent. The breakfast cob was yummy, and once again was washed down with a morning anise! This time, as there were so few people, the organisers soon launched into the raffle... this time one of the Paco's won. He got 2 bottles of olive oil, some lubricant (like WD40) and some metal cleaner. It soon became apparent that this is what every prize winner got!

Once the raffle had been drawn, we wondered off for another look around the market. It was really nice, as everyone waited for each other as we strolled around. The real suprise, was the journey back home; the traffic going into Cocentaina for the fair was horrific. Huge queues for several miles. Thank goodness we were going the other way.

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