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Sunday, 24 October 2010

Another Sunday, Another Matinal

This morning rose cool and misty, but as on the previous Sunday's we met our 5 Spanish friends at 8:30!

This week's matinal was very local, at Alcudia de Crespins, only about 8 miles away. Thankfully, the leader decided to take the 'scenic route' so we had a nice bimble through the countryside. Well, we would have, if it wasn't for the fog! I guess one of the problems of living in a moutainous area, is that you sometimes get stuck in the clouds!

As we passed through a few villages, and through the back lanes to Xativa, we all experienced that wonderous loss of vision that winter riding brings to bikers! In the end, I rode with my visor up, but when I could actually feel water running down my face I guessed that I was going to look like a panda, with mascara down my cheeks!

As we neared Xativa, Julien and I had lost the other 3 bikes, so we pulled over and waited for them. Paco soon arrived, and after a wait, Paco2 and Ed came into view. We were about to set off again, when I realised that Paco2 was stopping, and getting off his bike. I shouted at Julien to wait and watched in astonishment as Paco leapt off his bike, looking terrible. I wasn't sure if he was going to be sick, have a heart attack, or kill his wife - whatever he was shouting in Valenciano made no sence to me at all! However, a drink of water and a lot of guesturing, and he seemed to be better.

We set off again, but as we entered Xativa, we somehow lost them again (within about 1 mile). After going back, we gave up and went to the matinal. When we arrived, they were already there. Ed said, that during the ride there, Paco2 had gone slower and slower, and, after stopping, simply took the quickest way to the meeting. Once he had had something to eat, he felt (and looked) much better. Poor chap.

This was one of the biggest meeting I have been to so far. Certainly, there were over 1,000 people there. I think we were lucky to get there early enough to find somewhere we could sit together and eat our breakfast. This one appeared to be sponsored by coke-a-cola. There were free soft drinks, and many of the prizes were cola promotions. There were shopping bags, t-shirts, colouring pencils, trousers... all sorts. There was also a nice helmet and jacket, and 3 ham's! It must take ages for the clubs to pull these wonderful prizes together, and we just turn up and pay our 8€.

Sadly, I forgot my camera this time, but lots of people took photos. If I find any on the web, I'll post them later.

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